Pocket Change: Jan 1-7

We’ve got a few extra things to share with you, and they don’t fit into a regular post. Here’s the pocket change we’ve gathered up for you this week!


So much slam poetry goodness this week! Guys, get to it!

Hammer and Tongue Hackney 

When: Tues, January 3rd

Where: The Book Club, 100 Leonard St, London, EC2A 4RH

This event is an open mic, first come, first served!


Hammer and Tongue

When: Wed, January 4th*

Where: The Horse & Stables, 124 Westminster Bridge Road, Waterloo, London SE1 7RW

*This event was re-scheduled from December.


Hammer and Tongue National Slam Final 2017**

When: Sat, Jan 7th and Sun, Jan 8th

Where: Royal Albert Hall, London

**Tickets are still on sale for this, they’re less than £20 and we couldn’t recommend this event any more! If you attend, and feel like taking pictures or writing a guest post for us about the event, please let us know!


.:: Our favorite author and stillness guru, Pico Iyer, has written a great piece for The Walrus magazine, on Leonard Cohen (creative extraordinaire!). We’ve provided the link online, but we’d also suggest picking up a copy of the magazine, because don’t get us started on our magazine love, over here at A Cat We Have!


.:: We may have a teeny, tiny obsession with Thought Catalog, and anything written in list format will get a link click from us. Our latest favorite by Heidi Priebe, is about how to find your way when life gets tough. Trying to create and put our stuff out there, while also not feeling good enough AND being terrified of failure? It’s too much, too often. Grab a journal and a bright pen and answer a few of Heidi’s questions for yourself!

.:: Gretchen Rubin, (our go-to happiness expert) has a great take on creating a theme for your New Year. We do this every year ourselves, and it’s an easy way to remember your purpose. Our theme for 2017 is “My Year of Doing” and I’d say we’re off to a great start! 

Happy reading!

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