An Ode to Continuing

Falling is scary…
Who knows the outcome of hitting the floor? Maybe it’s best to be wary

But to never fall means to never jump and to never reach new heights
To retread the garden path and to never see new sights

Bruises heal but scars remain from where you failed to succeed
But look on them as reminders that sometimes it’s ok to bleed

A scar can tell a story of where you’ve been and what you’ve tried
Don’t cover them with foundation, wear your blemishes with pride

The scars unseen hurt deepest but don’t pretend they don’t exist
If our dreams were on the easy path there’d be no prize for who persists

Da Vinci didn’t learn to paint by going with the flow
And Einstein’s relativity was because he let his imagination grow

Keep going, keep trying, extend your reach. Your goals are round the bend
Remember where you came from as well as where you end

The journey’s larger than the finish so take in what you see
Don’t let life pass you by, by wishing who you want to be

The path is long and tiring so note the company you keep
Loyalty and compassion are the qualities you seek

The best of you is the best there is so never think that’s not enough
Stick one foot before the other even when the road is rough

In the end you can be forgiven for tripping on your way
Let the bruises heal and disappear and start anew each day

— E.M. Wragg

E.M. Wragg hails from Essex, England. You can usually find him waxing poetic on the streets of London or at home watching movies with his dog. He’s currently in the midst of drawing 1000 stick figures for his next creative project.

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