How To Launch an Independent Magazine – Tips from the Experts, Part II

Welcome to Part II of How to Launch an Independent Magazine – Tips From the Experts! Marcus Wratten recently attended an event put on by Delayed Gratification and has compiled a brilliant list of the best tips he picked up! Read Part I here!


  • SUBSCRIPTIONS. Subscriptions. Subscriptions. You may make some revenue through indie mag stores, WHSmith or newsstands, but it is via those who subscribe – and therefore become loyal to your magazine – that will rake the money in. Give them the option to pay via debit or credit card in order to make your magazine accessible to all.

  • You can make money through advertising, but this needs to be implemented into your business plan early on. Details need to be intricate. Make sure advertisements are on brand.
  • A few magazine and/or money related products/services to check out to assist in setting up/selling your magazine include GoCardless, Ra & Olly and Kickstarter.


  • Get to grips with marketing and PR. They’ll be your best friends throughout your fight to keep your magazine alive and kicking. Get on social media, contact your subscribers and encourage those who you think may be interested to get on board. Network with others, both online and in person. Connect with potential contributors, other businesses and media agencies – get your name out there and get it circulating.
  • In keeping with engaging your readers and keeping them in the loop, send out a weekly e-newsletter giving them the low down on what’s up. Talk to them. Make them feel as though you’re all part of a little community and you’re just sharing the latest gossip. If you really want to connect with your readers, set up an online blog – talk to them about relevant topics, upcoming projects or discuss new ideas.
  • Take your readers from being just that, a reader, to a club member. If your magazine is about gin, entitled ‘Ginterest’ (I’m proud of myself for that name and may use it in future), create “Ginterest’s Gin Club’. Create a little community of gin lovers. It really is that simple.
  • If you want to up the ante even more, introduce your readers-turned-club-members to some live events. Host ‘Ginterest’s Gin Tasting For Gin-Lovers’ (this gin idea just gets better and better). Keep the excitement and the involvement going without simply relying on the physicality of your mag!
  • A little bit of a basic one, here: online advertising. Pop some adverts on your website. Advertise your magazine on someone else’s site. You know how it goes.
  •  Seek other magazines who you can do paper insert swaps with. Basically, create a small paper insert with the best details of your magazine and how to subscribe to it. Contact other magazines and suggest they do the same. You put their paper insert in your magazine, they put yours in theirs. Share your audiences. Share the love.

Of course, whilst I’ve gathered some top tips from some top experts, I can’t give you as much detailed information and advice as they can. I highly recommend the “How To Launch an Independent Magazine” event, organised by the talented people behind slow journalism magazine Delayed Gratification. For tickets and more information, take a look here:

— Marcus Wratten

Marcus is a London based writer and avid magazine junkie. You can see more of his writing on his blog, EvenSister. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @marcusmagnus22.

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