Happy One Month to Us!

This collective has officially been up and running for one whole month! It may seem like a short time in the grand scheme of things but when I think of where I started and how fun this whole journey has been, it makes me smile one of those big awkward, goofy smiles. One month ago, I wrote in my very first post, “This collective will evolve and change and grow in ways I can’t yet foresee.” And guys, it has! 

I’ve been honest with strangers for one whole month.
I have written, edited, photographed, built, typed, emailed, planned, tracked and created for one whole month.
I have done something scary that began in my head, that I couldn’t quite make sense of at first, for one whole month.

And now I’m gonna do it for another month. Because I don’t need everything to be perfect. I just want it to be the right thing in this moment. I am practicing growing slow. Do I have somewhere else to be? Well, yeah, actually. When I’m there, is writing and creating and websiting and sharing and emailing and typing and editing still gonna be what gets me out of bed in the morning? Well, yes. Always. So, I grow slow. I do the thing in front of me, I tackle the idea in my head, I write the words as they come out. That’s it. And then it will be a whole month later and more will exist. And things will shift, maybe subtly, as they already have. And then, I continue to do the thing that’s in front of me. I keep growing slowly. One step first.

One Month milestones

Over the course of this first month, from taking this idea of beginning a creative collective to turning it into a website to harassing my friends to care about it and then finally getting to this post, a lot of cool things have happened. It’s not that I didn’t have expectations, because I personally think it’s impossible not to expect anything out of life, but I kept my expectations realistic.

I expected that myself and my All-Things-Creative idea’s partner, E.M. Wragg, would write once a week for this site.

Reality: We’ve written regularly, yes, but in the first month we’ve also had FOUR other contributors send us their work. That makes six of us who are putting ourselves out there. Six of us who are sharing with strangers. Six of us who know that the best way to keep working at our craft is to just start. Six of us who know that to be able to call yourself a writer, you simply have to write. To call yourself a photographer, you take some pictures. To call yourself a poet, well, you write poems. It’s that simple.

Expectation: That I, with E.M.’s help, would run this site for a month and see how it went.

Reality: We’ve not only run this site, but have also started Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, and have been blessed with people who want to step up and run them!

Expectation: “It will be really exciting someday if lots of people know about us.” – Me

Reality: We got mentioned in the email newsletter of Uppercase Magazine. Which then lead an extra 200 people to our site who may not have otherwised noticed us. We’ve also had a reader reach out via email to let us know about some great creative events we can add to our weekly Pocket Change posts. AMAZING.

Expectation: “It would be really nice if my friends had a look at this site once in awhile.” – Also me.

Reality: Some days those friends DO look at this site. And we get 5 views. And it’s the coolest thing to know that something I made is getting read and looked at by someone I care about. But then some days we get 50 views. And other days we get 75 views. And I have a decent amount of friends, but not 75 who are all refreshing this site, waiting for some new content to browse.

Expectation: “It would be really great if altogether, we had like, 10 posts on the site by the end of the first month.”

Reality: 23 is a really good number.

These goals may seem tiny to some people. But those aren’t my people, so it’s cool. I’m talking to the folks like me who won’t start something because they don’t have 20 steps down the road figured out. You can’t start now, because what if in a year, your situation is _______ and so doing something right now just doesn’t make sense. I’m talking to the people who think they should start now, but then they catch a glimpse of something similar and they realize that someone better than them, smarter and prettier and cooler, with more followers, in a more exciting place, is already doing the same thing. Take my tiny goals. Use them for yourself. I’m not trying to preach, I’m just trying to be transparent because it is so damn easy to look at the person next to you and feel like they should get to do the thing that you dream about because they will do it better. They won’t. They will do their thing better, in their way, with their ideas. And you will either dream about your thing or you will do it. Either choice is up to you.

– – Brittany Forbes

Brittany writes in Canadian, loves in English, and dreams in French. She writes about travels and various other journeys over at Letters To Rayelle.

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