Pink’s Photos

John Pinkney is a photographer from Nova Scotia, Canada. He began shooting last year as a hobby because he simply loved taking photos. He has since begun a Facebook page and a hashtag (#PinksPhotos) to help people find his work online. He’s also begun branching out to include portraits of friends and family members.


Are you hoping to turn this into a full on business or is it a hobby for you?

John: Side business/hobby. I don’t have any plans to do it as a full time job.

Did you face any struggles when it came to getting started with your photography?

John: The only struggles I faced are, ‘what are the “rules” and terminology’? I’m not one to worry about what people think but I am always open to criticism from other professional or amateur photographers. I started following certain YouTube photographers like FroKnowsPhotos to learn more tips and tricks, then I go out and try what I’ve learned. My style is my own as with every photographer but I do borrow ideas from photos I like.



What’s one goal that you have for your photography?

John: My only goal is to keep improving and sharing my work and seeing what people take from it or why they liked it. For example, making them reminisce about their childhood when they see pictures of their former home.

What’s a piece of advice for someone who may want to begin taking photos or sharing them with others, but may be hesitating?

John: My advice is don’t be afraid to ask for help. Any photographer should/is willing to help others. We all started out as beginners. There aren’t any set “rules”, just trial and error with guidelines.



Visit John’s Facebook page to see more of his work and you can follow him on Instagram @johnpink. We’ll be showing off more of his photos next week on A Cat We Have!

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