Submission Call

Space for rent!

This is a fun place to share, to get motivated and to (hopefully!) feel inspired by the work of others!

We want your words, your photos, your music and more! Written anything lately that you feel like putting out there? Are you a photographer who has some shots to share? We’re deep into winter now, so maybe you’ve been huddled up inside crafting away? Show us what you are creating and working on!

It can be so easy to write that poem, create that new recipe, or film that makeup tutorial and then instantly compare ourselves to someone who is doing it better. We’re not about that life. You simply begin, and then take the next step. Put your work out there and then sit back and feel good. You’ve done it!

Email us what you’ve got:

Or you can find us on Instagram and Twitter @acatwehave

(P.S. We’re looking for someone to do an Instagram takeover for us! If you’ve been wanting a shot at social media management, but aren’t sure how to get started, well, we’ve got ourselves a fancy little Instagram spot waiting for you! And yes, it is that easy!)

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