Pocket Change: Feb 26 to Mar 4


The Adult Coloring Club (#truestory) is meeting up again at The Canvas Cafe. Sometimes it’s tough to take the next step with your creative work, so put it aside for an evening and just let your creativity out without restrictions!

When: The Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL

Where: Wednesday, March 1st, 7pm to 9pm

Free event!


Well Versed: An evening of spoken word at Boxpark Croydon!

When: Wednesday, March 1st, 7pm to 9pm

Where: Boxpark Croydon, 99 George Street, CR0 1LD

Free event!


Love Art Classes are having a lampshade making class! Kate Marsden hosts. You can bring your own fabric for your lampshade and save £10 on the class!

When: Saturday, March 4th, 4pm to 6pm

Where: 21-23 Tooting High Road, Unit 24b, London

Tickets are £45, wine included (Yes.)




Photo via Amazon

.:: A Child of Books is gorgeous, wordy, lyrical and poetic. This book is from the creative minds of Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. The story is one of adventures and journeys, fairy tales and literature. It’s the kind of children’s book that is so smart and powerful, you’ll want to read it not just to the kid in your life, but to yourself, over and over, as a reminder of that delicious imagination land that once existed in your head. And if the words don’t do it for you, (they will) the pictures certainly will!


* This week I am loving Angelica Malin’s Editor’s letter about the things she has learned in the two years since starting About Time Mag. As a new collective and website ourselves, we are constantly learning new things every day about how to be successful and stay sane (is it a real possibility? Who knows!). We’ve written a list of our own, but Angelica’s is also a worthy read. She’s been in the game longer and is a perfect example of the places your creativity can take you if you work hard and stick with it.

– – Brittany Forbes

Disclosure: We don’t get any money if you click on the links we provide (although if someone wants to pay us, that’s cool). We genuinely love the events and links we post and want to share them with as many people as possible. The path to creativity should never be kept a secret!
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