2017: A Writing Odyssey

Writing has been a bit of a journey for me. As a kid, I loved writing stories. I’d write, re-enact, and dream of fighting dragons, armed only with a lightsabre, and 2 metres of strawberry liquorice. Then I hit secondary school and suddenly writing was a chore. I had to analyse poetry and explore themes hidden in texts. I hated it. We were given a formula to write by and were given interpretations to repeat to show that we truly understood what was put in front of us. Looking back I appreciate all the lessons I learned but it also convinced me of one thing, I am not a writerexcept I am.

It’s taken a few very special people close to me to convince me of this, and in that list is our very own Brittany Forbes who seems to find value in even the work I am most nervous about. First I began writing lyrics with the knowledge that I didn’t really have anything interesting or deep to say…except I did. Not necessarily deep in a “Wow! That guy’s like, so profound!” way (please read that in the voice of a 19 year old gap year student currently ‘finding himself’ in Burma) but there was certainly more going on in my head and beneath the surface than I expected.

Next, my lyrics became poetry and again I went into this knowing I’d never be able to show anybody this stuff because poetry is pathetic and only fit for metaphors about daffodils…again wrong. The people who stumbled on what I’d written, either deliberately or by accident, seemed to see worth in it, and I discovered worth in an entire art form I’d long since ruled out. Some of that was undoubtedly our fascination with seeing peoples vulnerability but to me that was enough. I’d realised I was so often wrong about what I was able to achieve that it was time to only listen to myself if it said I could do something.

I started writing stories on the back of till roll paper when I should have been working, I started writing a children’s story which I’m yet to finish but also super excited about. I started wanting to show people my work instead of feeling nervous, and finally, with a bit of help from another particularly special friend of mine, I managed to combine 2 of the my deepest passions; Writing and Film.


Photo via cinemajam.com

No I haven’t written a screenplay although that’s definitely on the list. Instead I’ve written two articles which have been posted on a film website called The Spread run by the folks at Cinema Jam. My articles are sarcastic, occasionally absurd, and they certainly don’t follow the formula my GCSE teacher laid out for me but how will we ever know the boundaries if we don’t give them a little poke every now and then? So check out my work! (That’s what this stunning star of a website is for yeah?) I’ve posted the links below so feel free to click, read, and enjoy!


E.M. Wragg hails from Essex, England. You can usually find him waxing poetic on the streets of London or at home watching movies with his dog. He’s currently working on his first children’s book.

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