Submission Call: Podcast Love


We want to put together a jam-packed mega list of all the podcasts we love! The ones that inspire us, the ones we draw motivation from, the ones that make us feel like we’re having coffee with a really wise friend. We don’t have enough hours in the day (unfortunately!) to listen to all the podcasts we come across so we are reaching out to our readers and contributors.

What we want from YOU:

Send us the names of any podcasts you love, that help you out on your creative journey or that you find encouraging and inspiring. We want you to write a small blurb — no limit if you’re really passionate, but we’re talking just a paragraph here — of why you love this podcast! Sing its praises. Tell us what we’re missing and why. You can even pick just one episode to focus on if that’s easier!

  • Type up what you’ve got and email it to us along with your name, personal blog link, OR Twitter/Instagram handle (so we can give you credit + a shout out!)
  • The name of the app we can find your fave podcast on

That’s it! You’ll have put your writing out into the world, submitted to a website, and helped share the creative love by telling everyone about the podcasts that inspire you. (Oh yeah, you can write about more than one!)

Deadline for submission: March 24th

Submit to:

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