10 Minute Tantrums: Candle


My hand stands invisible in front of my face. I turn my head and yet the world seems to stand still. A blanket of darkness has covered the entire street with not even a howling moon to light the way.

I can hear shuffling feet down the corridor, suggesting legs to heavy to leave the ground. Sinister thoughts sweep through my mind. To many horror movies as a child.

I reach out and touch the wall with my right hand. At first it seems to draw away from me but then I feel the familiar touch of worn wallpaper, coarse beneath my nails. I trace my way along the wall feeling every rip and tear beneath my finger tips.This corridor, which was once so familiar, becomes a labyrinth as I look for a weapon to defeat the Minotaur. My hand catches the edge of the cabinet and I grasp the handle. Reaching inside I take what I need, the sword, and shield of this dark wasteland.

A quick flicker, then a spark, and then the faint smell of smoke. At first all I can see is the blinding glow but slowly my eyes adjust and the light spreads reaching out and touching even the furthest corners. The Labyrinth is gone. The wax sword beneath my hand has banished the monster for another day and the taste of fear finally leaves my mouth.

– – E.M. Wragg

E.M. Wragg hails from Essex, England. You can usually find him waxing poetic on the streets of London or at home watching movies with his dog. He’s currently working on his first children’s book.

Have you enjoyed Ed’s 10 Minute Tantrum series? Leave a comment to let him know if you’d like to read more of that style writing from him! Has it inspired you to write your own ‘tantrums’? Write a post and tell us all about your process!

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