10 Minute Tantrums: Guess The Subject!


Innocuous lump of wood. Inanimate and irrelevant. Static, still, unmoving yet concealing passion.

Wood and wire, oak and steel, silence and melody. 1 simple strum, 1 hard strike. Love, anger, grief, joy, sorrow and excitement. More articulately than any Oxbridge graduate. Not under oath yet speaking the truth. Through you I speak the truth.

Finger tips on coarse strings. Pressure through my wrist and a dull throb through my hand. Holding the notes, reaching for the chords, jumping for the melody. On the edge of the mountain, finger tips clinging to the lip pulling myself up onto the summit.

Seamless, wordless, perfect.

– – E.M. Wragg

E.M. Wragg hails from Essex, England. You can usually find him waxing poetic on the streets of London or at home watching movies with his dog. He’s currently working on his first children’s book.

Read all about Ed’s 10 Minute Tantrum journey and then send us your own words to be published on A Cat We Have!

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