A Cat We Have is a collective designed to give creative folks the motivation, encouragement and support to DO their creative work. We believe everyone is creative. Some of us use our creativity as a hobby, while some of us want our creative work to stand loud and proud. Some of us want our creative work to be our life’s work.

This is a space where you can hopefully gather some inspiration to help you along your journey, find the support to continue on, and feel encouraged that whatever YOUR creative thing is, well, it’s so worthy and yes, you should put it out into the world.

A Cat We Have got our name from a sassy, adventurous 7 year old. She had spent hours with her markers and bristol board creating a ‘Welcome Home’ poster (doing her own creative work!) and at the bottom, next to a picture she had drawn of her cat, she wrote the words, “A Cat We Have”. When asked why she chose not to instead say, “We Have A Cat”, she rolled her eyes and simply said, “That’s how everyone says it. I wanted to say the same thing, but different.”

That’s what we believe creativity is. We are all making things that have been done before. We are rarely doing anything for the first time. But that’s okay. Because the part of the creative process that we often pass over, is the actual process itself. It’s the dreams we have that we actually put out there, the goals that we accomplish, the action that we take. It’s our beliefs that we say out loud.

We aren’t going to paint the very first picture, but we are going to paint a picture our way, looking at a subject with our own eyes. We can leave our view of the world on that canvas. We’ll likely never write down a thought that hasn’t been thunk (creative liberties…), but it’s our thought and our feeling and our idea, so putting it on paper counts. We may not direct a film that changes the world, or take on a role that resonates with every single person watching, but it’s us doing our work that we feel is important. It’s us taking action so that we don’t constantly dream of someday. “Someday” so easily becomes never and when you have creativity in your soul and support and encouragement around you, why wait?

We are continuously looking for submissions, so send your work our way!