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Journal Questions + Writing Prompts

Make some art, write some words, give your most fitting response to any of the questions below! Advertisements

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.:: What’s the one thing, besides failure, that you are most afraid of happening if you put your creative work out into the world? ::. ♣

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10 Minute Tantrums: Candle

Candle My hand stands invisible in front of my face. I turn my head and yet the world seems to stand still. A blanket of darkness has covered the entire street with not even a howling moon to light the … Continue reading

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On Expanding Your Definitions

I spent an evening recently cozied up with my latest issue of Flow Magazine. Flow is my jam, my one true love, my big, bright, wise book of constant inspiration. This is how inspirational Flow is. I was reading the … Continue reading

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On Declaring Your Intent

I’ve been re-reading Big Magic lately (for the 5th time) and every read through I get struck by some new sentence or thought that I somehow missed the first time around. (Even though it seems like every single word in my … Continue reading

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Journal Questions, Lists and Prompts

One of my favorite things is to sit down with a notebook and a cup of coffee and just write. Not to submit anywhere, not because of a deadline, not because I feel I need to prove to anyone that … Continue reading

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