We are looking for contributors of all sorts to add their creative spin on our site. Whatever your creative thing is, we want to showcase it, talk about it, support it and share it. This is a COLLECTIVE. We all belong.

.:: Photos! We want lots. They can be photos of you working on your craft, photos of a work in progress, photos of something that inspires you (photos of pretty tiles are always welcome!) Are you an actor? Have you done something on stage recently? Send some photos of you doing your thing. Have some stills from that project you shot? Send them our way.

.:: Words! We love ourselves a good Guest Post over here. Not only will it give us a tiny break from coming up with new content, and allow us some time to work on our own projects, but we get to see things from a new point of view. Attend a cool event you want to tell us about? Been having some thoughts on the creative process that you’d like to share? What about the difficulty you may be having getting something up and running? Tell us your struggles. You may feel like you are the only one going through it, but I promise you, you aren’t.

If writing isn’t your thing, but you’ve still got something to say, that’s cool too. Email us what you’ve got. We can help with putting your thoughts together!

.:: Events! We get a kick out of masterclasses, workshops and courses, over here. Webinars? Yeah sure. Still life drawing? That too! We want to compile a weekly list of events and classes going on in your local area. We hear about lots of them ourselves, but we can’t be everywhere at the same time. Tell us what you hear about. Or, maybe you’ve taken a class or attended a talk in the past? Tell us about that too. We can do the searching on this end and see if something similar is coming up again. Make sure it’s got to do with creativity (dress-making, slam poetry, art, theatre, calligraphy, you name it!) and/or could add inspiration and motivation for someone attending. That’s all we ask. Dear God, don’t tell us about a pub crawl! Send us the date, time, venue, all that good stuff, or even better, send us a link! We’ll love you long time.

.:: Inspiration! This is the fun one. Tell us what inspires you! What resources do you use to stay inspired? Something that, (and I cringe saying this), but gets your creatives juices flowing. How do you stay motivated?

Got a cool journal/diary/planner that you use to stay on track? Let us know! Any books that you’ve underlined over and over because it’s just so wise and wonderful and makes you come alive and have deep thoughts? Tell me now! An old magazine article taped to your wall? An Instagram quote that you screenshotted for those tough days? Maybe it’s a cartoon character from the wallpaper in your childhood bedroom that takes you back and makes you feel like things are possible again. Is there a Youtube video that you go back to whenever you need encouragement? A blog? An Instagram account? A person who is doing cool things? We want to know what works for you!

You can email us: or you can find us on Instagram and Twitter: @acatwehave.  Wanna take over our Pinterest account and show us what creative pinning is all about? (no, but seriously. We don’t really get Pinterest). We want you and your creative mind to be a part of this!