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10 Minute Tantrums: Guess The Subject!

Innocuous lump of wood. Inanimate and irrelevant. Static, still, unmoving yet concealing passion. Wood and wire, oak and steel, silence and melody. 1 simple strum, 1 hard strike. Love, anger, grief, joy, sorrow and excitement. More articulately than any Oxbridge … Continue reading

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Ten Minute Tantrums: Train

Train We pack in, like marbles in a jar, filling every inch, moving and oscillating. What space is left is occupied with the smell of sweat and passive aggression. We ride this mechanical snake as it rattles and snarls. How … Continue reading

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10 Minute Tantrums: Coffee

A 10 Minute Tantrum for your day! The point isn’t to write perfectly, it’s just to get it all out. Read what Ed has to say about his ‘tantrums’ and then submit your own! Coffee Archaic buildings enclose the square. A … Continue reading

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10 Minute Tantrums: Part II

10 Minute Tantrums is Ed’s new series where he clears his head and gets it all out on paper (and then shares it with the world!) Check out his first tantrums here! Pepper An inhale of breath, then a sharp … Continue reading

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To Those About To Rock, We Salute You

There are 4 things I need to get by on this blue coloured marble we call earth. These are food, water, shelter and a series of sound waves which combine to form what is most commonly called “music”. Sure I … Continue reading

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How Things Were

You stand on the waterfront alone, staring at the boats and wondering about the lives of the people who own them. You wonder if your life will be like that someday. Maybe you could be a boat person too. You … Continue reading

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